Doggy Playtime

Indoor Play Time now being offered starting November 19th.

What’s well-behaved and a pleasure to live with?

A tired dog, that’s what.

Our weekly Doggie Playtime session is not just fun for your dog—it comes with benefits for you, too. Fortunate side effects, so to speak. Because dogs that get vigorous exercise and learn better social skills are less likely to bark, jump up, pull on leash, and generally misbehave at home or around other people and dogs.

Winter 2017-18 we will have Indoor Play Time at St. Croix Equestrian Center in Hudson, WI on specific scheduled Sundays.

At For the Love of Dogs school, there are 3 play areas: A 30 x 30 ft heated indoor space, a 50 x 100ft fenced outdoor space, and a 2-acre fenced outdoor enclosure.  Doggy Playtime at this location is temporarily suspended.

Come rain, snow, or shine, we will be there for doggie fun and games. Will you?

A group of happy tired dogs.Doggy Playtime

When:         We are offering Indoor Doggy Playtime on Sundays, starting November 19th at the St. Croix Equestrian Center, Hudson, WI.  30 minute sessions, maximum of 8 dogs.  You must pre-register to play.  Introductory price for November 19th only:  $5.00!   Times and dates may vary depending on availability of arena.  Register now:  Doggy Playtime


dog social playtime in Hudson WI

Doggie Playtime Benefits

Exercise. It’s not just the running, fetching, and frolicking that tires your dog so wonderfully. It’s the dog play. Dog-dog games like friendly wrestling, tug, and chase—when supervised for safety—are some of the most effective ways for dogs to get a workout.

Socialization. Regular dog-dog interactions are vital to your dog’s health and well-being. Like us, dogs are social creatures that like to spend time with their own kind every now and then. What’s more, playtime strengthens your dog’s social skills, making him easier to take out and about.

Training. Playtime is a great opportunity to practice your commands in a challenging environment because few things are more alluring for your dog than fun with other dogs. When you can get a bullet-proof recall from a dog engaged in play, you know you have trained your dog thoroughly.

Come play with us! Or contact us for more info.

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2 dogs playing