“I wouldn’t take my dog to any other training facility.”

Felicia Kitzman



The dogs came back eager to take commands, better listeners, more mellow, and less jumpy to outside stimuli. It is so great to be gone 2 weeks and have confidence that they are balanced, happy and receiving reinforcement in behaviors the whole time! They’re hungry and thirsty but that just means they played hard, which is also what I want. As a result of this our rescue dog came back more engaged with initiating play with a ball or toy, and the younger dog was more self sufficient in playing with the other dog rather than staring at me for getting his needs met during the day! What a great job your training and routine does to get better dogs by the end of the time kenneling with you. Thank you again! It’s more than keeping them alive, it’s structure, reinforcement and interaction. Your care and professionalism contributes to both my desire to continue and refresh their training and to our household peace and quiet!

Thank you for providing this service. The course was well worth the money.



Jordy, dog graduateHi Kristen!

We had such a great experience taking Jordy to obedience training! You provide such a wonderful facility for the dogs! I was amazed with your knowledge on all the training commands and the dogs all around behavior! The weekly training sheets are so wonderful to have in case, down the road, we want to go back and review any of the commands! We also enjoyed all the puppy interaction/socializing (it was so good for Jordy) and meeting new people in class! Thanks for such a great experience, we really appreciate everything we learned from you!!

Anna, Tim and Jordy Mortenson!


I just wanted to let you know that Veda is doing very well. Her training has helped tremendously (she is even teaching Tyson which is great). We are working with the gentle leader, and she should be ready to go on her first Human Society Walk for Animals in May. ;))

I’ve attached a picture of her first day back. She is laying on the heat vent which is next to Tyson’s bed – she was very happy to see him (and vis-versa).

Thanks again!!



We were very excited owners after picking Daisy up from her “For the Love of Dogs” two week training with Kristin. We learned a lot with Kristin’s guidance and were able to continue Daisy’s training at home. Daisy is a German Short-haired Pointer with a lot of energy and attitude, Kristin’s training helped turn her into the wonderful adult dog she is today. She has learned manners and basic training  skills like walk on a leash, sit, down, leave it etc… Thank you Kristin and For the Love of Dogs!

Katie Troutman


WHEEEE – I met with the Csallany’s on Wednesday. BEEEEUTIFUL! Charlie did very well and they are MORE than thrilled! great job –

He’s pumping up a little as time goes by, but they seem to understand what they have to do to keep him improving. It was so cold at that time, hard to get him out.

He was like a different dog, I actually saw his face and body. He wasn’t just a blur of red. I could pet him and get kisses without him jumping and mauling.

They want me to come every other week to continue to push them forward and are happy he will be back to you for more work. They couldn’t be happier with the arrangement.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Linda Schindler


Good Morning Kristin,

It was kind of cute this morning when we were getting ready for work. Tom makes the comment “Luna seems calmer this morning”. I said, well of course, she is a graduate now – HA! I can’t thank you enough for all the help and kind words your have always had for us. I sure hope our paths will cross again. Also, it means so much to me to think that you just came back for me. I know your time is valuable so this couldn’t have been an easy 8 weeks. Luna and I plan to keep on with learning and relaxing so wish us luck. I really think with time she will calm down. She sure has been a lot of fun for us and we really like her sweetness.

You take care.

Andrea, Tom and Luna



Are you sure you gave me back the right dog? We had the Excel energy gas guy here today,
and Cali did not bark, even when he rang the bell, there was a quiet little ruff sound as she trotted over
to see who was out there, but no bark.

I asked her to sit before I touched the door, not really expecting her to go down easy, but she
did. I asked her to stay, then I opened the door. She didn’t budge. I went through the door outside, and
she did not even try to come with me, just sat there. I am incredulous. The entire thing was so quiet and
peaceful that Bam slept right through it. Normally it would have been complete utter chaos with barking
and jumping.

You are a miracle worker. Thank you.

Becca Lodahl



My Sheltie Marie and I took your Focus Pocus class. I thought I would let you know how we are doing.

We’re doing great.

Last year we entered our first trial at the Sheltie national and took home 2 Blue Ribbons and some hardware. This was in Novice A of course, but still quite a thrill.

We have been entering a few trials since then and this weekend at Bloomington we made it to Excellent. This summer we are going to enter as many trials as we can.

At the Bloomington trial I talked to another person who was in that class – a woman with a small Sheltie named Tinkerbelle. We both mentioned how valuable that class was for us.

I took that class as a lark because I was tired of obedience and although Marie was not interested in agility I figured I had nothing to lose. Wow did I make a good choice. Practically everything I do at the trial I learned from you.

I want to thank you for everything.



Hi, Kristin.

Sophie is continuing to do very well. We are certainly not doing the expert training you were doing with her, but so far we seem to be keeping up her new skills pretty well. We wish we could give her all the exercise you were able to, but despite what has to be a dramatically quieter life, Sophie seems to be keeping her cool. She even lay down quietly in my lap this morning. When I put her down, she rolled over to have me rub her tummy. And even more remarkably, when I stopped rubbing she jumped at me and barked to get more rubbing. Of course, now that you have “trained” us, I didn’t give her any extra “scratches” until she had done some obedience behaviors for me, but the fact that she wanted MORE contact was extraordinary.

We cannot believe how much more relaxed Sophie seems. She still has some extra difficulties in the morning, as you pointed out, but overall, we feel like you returned a new dog to us. And so far no accidents.

Thanks again for your great work!




We finished the beginning dog course this morning and before I forget I wanted to write to tell you how much we enjoyed having Brigitte as our instructor. She is a real asset to your school. She made the course fun, even though I was a poor student (my dog, Sandy, was a good one).

Thank you for providing this service. The course was well worth the money.